About Us

About Renzo Gracie Riverdale

About Us

About Renzo Gracie Riverdale

  • Located in the Riverdale, Kingsbridge section of the Bronx.
  • We are a Renzo Gracie Affiliate. Our instructors are trained by Renzo Gracie.
  • 1 Block to Highway, Subway and Bus!
  • Join The Team Renzo Gracie family.
  • Complete gym facilities available.
  • We have parking on site!
  • Located inside Astral Fitness Center
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The original Renzo Gracie Academy (RGA) was a focal point for training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) during the rise of the UFC, and many of the legends of the sport came to train with Renzo and his students. The Academy and name became internationally known for high quality jiu-jitsu. Since those early days of RGA, our instructors at RGR have had the opportunity to learn from Renzo, and other top professors like John Danaher, Matt and Nick Serra, Ricardo Almeida, Ryan Gracie, Roger Gracie, Igor Gracie, Rolls Gracie, Daniel Gracie, Gregor Gracie, Rodrigo Gracie, Shawn Williams,  Rafael Gordinho and more.

Members of Renzo Gracie Riverdale become a part of the larger Team Renzo Gracie family.  Come and train with us, and experience the wonder of life changing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Our Academy is located inside the Astral Fitness Center. We provide first class locker rooms, showers, and free towel service. Our premium memberships provide access to the complete on-site gym facility. The gym is a huge 13,000 square foot facility with Nautilus, Hammer, Icarian & Free Weights, a full line of state of the art cardiovascular equipment, a sauna and juice bar. We are conveniently located one block to highway, subway, express bus, and city bus, and we also have on-site parking. Link here to see our location.


Renzo Gracie is a legendary and world-renowned fighter, tournament champion, and master of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Renzo hails from the famous Gracie family – the dynasty known for developing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu during the 1920’s.  Renzo is the grandson of Gracie Jiu Jitsu founder Carlos Gracie, and son of 9th Dan BJJ black belt Robson Gracie, and brother to Ralph and Ryan Gracie. Renzo started training Jiu Jitsu as an infant.  Renzo had formal instruction from many of the Gracie patriarchs, but his biggest influences were the legendary Rolls Gracie and Carlos Gracie Jr (the man who later awarded him his black belt). Renzo has built an ever-growing network of training centers spanning from Europe to Asia to North America, and currently owns the famous Renzo Gracie Academy, the largest jiu-jitsu school in the country.

Renzo has competed both in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts, at events including ADCC, Pride, UFC, Rings, MARS, and the World Combat Championship.  Renzo is also the subject of a famous documentary about his life as a fighter named “Legacy”.  Retired from a succesful fighting career, Renzo is now a world famous Jiu-Jitsu and MMA coach.  Renzo has trained a number of champion professional fighters and jiu-jitsu champions such as: Matt Serra, Nick Serra, Ricardo Almeida, Georges St. Pierre, John Danaher, Frankie Edgar, Roy Nelson, Sean Alvarez, Rodrigo Gracie, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and Kyra Gracie just to name a few. His brothers Ralph Gracie and the late Ryan Gracie were also famous fighters.


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